Jenni's Story - Mobile Boutique

When my dad opened his flooring company, known as Carlson Tile, in 2011, my grandma bought him this very trailer to transport all his materials. He has taught me so much about the business world, and when I started Spruce and Stain, he passed this trailer down to me. Together, we transformed the space, teaching me everything from electrical work for the trailer lights, how to use a table saw to cut the shiplap walls, and of course, how to properly lay the flooring.

My mom is also a significant part of my business. I credit all my creativity to her. She helps me decide on shirt colors, write signs, and comes up with most of our social media captions. I knew when it came to naming my mobile boutique that I wanted it to reflect my mom. With her favorite flower being jasmine and her name ending in an “I,” I decided on "Jenni." I would not be where I am without either of them, and I am forever thankful for their endless support of any ideas and dreams I have.

- Katie